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Mental scaffold is a painting that starts from the canvas as its support.

The history of the canvas, continuing since the 14th century, has boiled down to the combination of a wooden frame and canvas fabric, becoming a symbolic object. As the history of fine art progresses and the boundaries of media break down, the sign inherent in the canvas still remain vivid. Among them, commercial canvas stands out as a ubiquitous product, distributed from general stores to specialised art shops. I believe that commercial canvas, as a medium, encapsulates the past, present, and future, demonstrating a flat contemporaneity.

Furthermore, Mental scaffold is a painting that structures the self.

After the post-COVID era, Atemporality of retro and simulacra has eroded the present.  The flattened retro landscapes, blending past and present timelines, persist as ghosts, living in the current moment. Those present entities, clad in ghostly garments, gradually fade into obscurity. The physique's framework accompanies the mind’s framework.

Based on these thoughts, I attempt to experiment that diversifies by merging the flat medium of canvas with the flat self drifting in the infinite variations of the database era.

Lazy Performativity

A work showing my exploration of Performativity that began on January 1st, 2024.


The context of Performativity, created after Pollock's action painting through post-minimalism, was connected to the Gutai group in Japan and then to UFan Lee, leading to the Korean representative monochrome painting style Dansaekhwa. This work explores such a legacy in a self-critical/ critical/visual way.

There are a few rules for this work:

1. One brushstroke per day, and stamping the date.

2. If not done, record why.

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